Mechanically Fixed Single Ply Roofing System

Monarplan FM mechanically fixed single ply roofing system offers a fast-track method of application ideally suited to exposed locations and high wind loads. 

 Icopal Monarplan Mechanically Fixed Single Ply Roofing System
  1. Monarplan FM single ply membrane.
  2. Monarplan Tubular
    Membrane Fastener.
  3. Rigid cell insulation.
  4. Monarplan Tubular Insulation Fastener.
  5. Vapour Control Layer.
  6. Steel roof deck sheet
    (0.7mm minimum)

Design and Installation Advice

Monarplan PVC FM, polyester reinforced membrane relies upon mechanical fasteners and washers to restrain the membrane from wind uplift forces. Membranes are typically mechanically restrained along one edge with the adjoining membrane overlapping the fixing and welded to the underlying membrane with the application of hot air.

Install Monarplan FM, polyester reinforced membrane using washers and fasteners. A wind uplift calculation and fastener specification is recommended prior to installation of the Monarplan membrane.

Prior to and during membrane installation, inspect and correct the substrate; (i.e. voids or gaps, uneven conditions, and any other surface irregularities that can cause voids in the weld). Position sheets to allow for minimum 110mm side and 50mm end laps, In the case of the mechanically fastened systems the side lap should extend a minimum 60mm past the fastening plates / washers. The weld must have a minimum width of 20mm. Where possible position laps so that water runs across or parallel to the laps. Checking the seams is a compulsory action at the end of any area of work. The welded seams have to cool down to ambient temperature before probing.

Regardless of the type of membrane attachment, mechanical fasteners are always required at the roofs perimeter, angle changes and any details. This ensures that any tensions generated in the field membrane are not transferred to other areas. In warm roofs, the insulation boards may also be mechanically attached. This should always be kept separate from the attachment of the waterproofing membrane. Icopal recommends that Insulation boards should be secured at a rate of 11 fasteners per 2400 x 1200mm (3.8 fixings/m²).

Design Detailing

Further information regarding the detailing to roof perimeters can be found by clicking on the links below;

Side Laps

End Laps

Perimeter Upstands

Roof Edges

Tall Upstands

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