Fully Adhered Single Ply Roofing System – where the whole roof assembly is bonded using adhesives

Monarplan single ply roofing fully adhered systems are suitable for most applications particularly where improved aesthetic appearance or complex geometry are important design factors. 

  1. Monarplan GF Fleeceback Membrane
  2. Monarplan Fleeceback Adhesive
  3. Insulation
  4. Vapour Control Layer
  5. Substrate


Design and Installation Advice 

Monarplan GF fleeceback membrane is glass fibre reinforced PVC with a polyester fleece backing. The fleece backing allows the membrane to be fully adhered using cold applied adhesives to restrain the membrane to the insulation.

Monarplan GF fleeceback membrane is fully bonded to insulation using an appropriate adhesive. The adhesive should be poured onto the insulation board and manipulated using a rubber squeegee and perlon roller to achieve uniform distribution (avoid puddles). Apply the Monarplan GF membrane into the adhesive, being careful to correctly position the membrane. Roll the membrane using a weighted roller to encourage adhesion.

Detailing To Roof Perimeters

Further information regarding the detailing to roof perimeters can be found by clicking on the links below;

Side Laps

End Laps

Perimeter Upstands

Roof Edges

Tall Upstands

CAD Library


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