Monarplan G Loose Laid & Ballasted Inverted Roof System

Monarplan single ply ballasted roofing systems offer an excellent solution for situations where access or recreation are a priority. Ballasted systems also provide maximum resistance against roof membrane damage, UV degradation, thermal shock, fire or noise and maintain the lowest surface temperature of all system types.

  1. Paving on supports or
    washed ballast.
  2. Filter fleece / breather membrane.
  3. Insulation.
  4. Monarplan G  Membrane (loose laid with laps welded).
  5. Protection fleece.
  6. Substrate + PE foil.


Design and Installation Advice

Ballasted systems rely on the weight of pebbles, paving slabs, green roofs or other medium to restrain the loosely laid Monarplan membrane.  Ballast is commonly used for inverted roof build ups, however a warm roof option is also possible. 

Loose lay Monarplan G glass fibre reinforced membrane prior to the application of the specified surfacing (eg. ballast or green roof). All overlaps shall be heat welded in accordance with the instructions below.

Protection layers are required for the mechanical protection of the roofing sheet prior to the application of roof ballast or green roofs.

Detailing To Roof Perimeters

Further information regarding the detailing to roof perimeters can be found by clicking on the links below;

Perimeter Upstands

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