Besoguard Geomembranes

Besoguard Geomembranes

With environmental protection on the political agenda, the geomembrane has become a vital product. Icopal Synthetic Membranes has been involved in this since the very beginning through the development of materials for landfills. Based on the experience it has gained, Icopal Synthetic Membranes now has a series of attractive products for this application.

Besoguard P(S)

This reinforced (or unreinforced) material is based on PERL XS, a flexible PP with outstanding chemical resistance properties. It has also been approved for use with drinking water applications. The material with an E-modulus 10 times lower than HDPE is very flexible, which makes it ideal for being laid in corners. Its low specific weight also makes it highly suitable for use with floating applications.
Applications: reservoirs for water and drinking water, floating covers, silo covers, biogas tanks, etc.

Besoguard ES

When it comes into contact with oil derivatives HDPE swells up, and the softeners in PVC are leached out. The Besoguard ES membrane based on Elvaloy is resistant to the penetration of these products. Its resistance to glycols, kerosene and diesel makes this reinforced material the ideal solution for "secondary containment", even under extreme climatic conditions.
Applications: tank mounds, petrol stations, de-icing stations (airports), dredging depots, etc.

Besoguard TPU

If the standard geomembranes are not up to the task, a solution may be found in Besoguard TPU. This polyurethane-based membrane is suitable for "primary containment". An even more specific chemical resistance makes the material suitable for flexible storage tanks for fuel, water or foodstuffs. Icopal Synthetic Membranes can advise you on the best TPU type to use.


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