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Recommending, specifying and installing the ideal roof are responsibilities we at Icopal understand. We also know that product quality and ease of use are just some of the criteria to be judged when assessing a new supplier; just as important are the guarantees that underpin the quality of a roofing system, and the backing of an experienced, knowledgeable team, able to work in partnership to ensure success. At Icopal, we provide all this and more - supporting installation with custom-made tools, training courses, and regular updates as new products come on the market.

Why should roofing contractors choose Icopal?

  • High quality, high performance roofing systems
  • Insurance-backed guarantees
  • Experienced, knowledgeable local technical support
  • Easy to access product information and advice
  • Easy to use products
  • Comprehensive product training
  • Regular product news and updates

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Innovative solutions for all applications:

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