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Pipeline Renovation

Since the origin of the Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) method for sewer renovation, Icopal Synthetic Membranes has been actively involved in the development of various types of coating on felt. With a track record going back more than 25 years, Icopal Synthetic Membranes is regarded as a specialist with coatings including TPU, LLDPE, PERL XS and PERL XF.

These types are installed by the company's clients all over the world. The choice depends on the specific properties, such as chemical resistance, processing and safety for drinking water. The flexible production processes makes it possible for Icopal Synthetic Membranes to process many types of felt with various thicknesses and dimensions. Periodic production planning guarantees a short delivery time.

Icopal Synthetic Membranes offers the following range of coating products for sewer renovation: 

Type Type of coating Range of coating weight
BesoCure L LLDPE 300-1000gm/m²
BesoCure U  TPU 300-1000gm/m²
BesoCure P PP 300-1000gm/m²
BesoCure F f-PP 300-1000gm/m²


Icopal Synthetic Membranes is able to apply the above coatings to technical felts with a thickness ranging from 1 mm to 8 mm. 


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