Monarplan PVC roofing membranes and accessories deliver high performing, lightweight, flexible roofing systems which are easier, safer and quicker to install.

Mechanically Fastened Membrane Installation

Mechanically fastening single ply roofing membranes is the most popular method of application. The video demonstrates when to use the correct washer or pressure plate and how they should be located and fixed within the single ply membrane overlaps prior to welding the membrane together.  


Video Transcript
Position the Monarplan Tube Washer 10mm in from the edge of the roll and mark the single ply roofing membrane.

For an insulated warm roof, mechanically fasten the Monarplan Tube Washer and Fastener to the substrate at the specified centres.

For cold roof constructions direct to plywood or other surfaces where tube washers aren’t appropriate, use Monarplan Pressure Plates again fixed to the specified centres and secured tight to the deck.

Position the adjacent single ply membrane ensuring a minimum 40mm overlap beyond the fixing is achieved.

Before welding, clean the two surfaces to remove all dirt and debris.

Pre-weld the seam prior to fully welding the two single ply membranes together. Ensure a firm and consistent motion of the seam roller across the joint to achieve a successful weld.

Complete the weld by checking with a seam probe 


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