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Fully Adhered Single Ply Roofing Membrane Installation

Fully adhering Monarplan GF Fleeceback single ply roofing membrane requires the correct procedure to be followed to ensure an aesthetically pleasing finish. The video demonstrates how to correctly install the membrane using Icopal Single Ply Fleeceback Adhesive.  


Video Transcript

Pour Icopal’s Single Ply Fleeceback Adhesive across the substrate in an S shaped pattern. Using a squeegee, initially spread the adhesive over the substrate to the required area. Where applying directly to plywood, it may be necessary to tape all board joints.

Once spread across the roof area, roll the single ply roofing adhesive into the substrate to achieve consistent and uniform coverage. It may take several minutes before achieving the correct finish.

When ready, unroll the Monarplan GF Fleeceback membrane in the adhesive. Adhesion should be encouraged with the application of a weighted roller. Continue the rolling process in 15 minute intervals until 45 minutes have elapsed to achieve maximum adhesion.

Complete the application of the fleeceback membrane by welding all side laps. End laps should be butt jointed and strapped using Monarplan Reinforced Strip. Finally, check the completed weld with the seam probe.


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