Perimeter Upstand fixing

For all Monarplan PVC roof systems a perimeter fixing is compulsory. Mechanical fixings are also required around roof penetrations such as skylights, roof plant, lift houses, etc

There are many different methods of achieving a perimeter upstand detail, each with differing levels of aesthetic finish. In each case the horizontal field membrane should be turned up the upstand a minimum 50mm. A minimum 150mm height above the finished roof level must be maintained, when terminating to an abutment.

Please click on any of the images and links below to select the appropriate detailing for your project. 

Parapet with membrane fixed at the base of the upstand using a fixing bar or termination bar
Parapet with membrane fixed at the base of the upstand using washers and fasteners mechanically fixed.  


Installation of a horizontal perforated galvanized steel rail with 5 fixings / m fixed with the membrane tightly folded back and welded on itself  



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