Monarplan PVC roofing membranes and accessories deliver high performing, lightweight, flexible roofing systems which are easier, safer and quicker to install.

Protection, separation and levelling layers

In many roof applications, the roofing membrane has to be separated from other incompatible elements or protected against mechanical damage. In some cases free movement between layers has to be allowed for (in-situ [reinforced] concrete or ceramic tiles in mortar bed).  Where this is the case, a geotextile separation or protection fleece should be installed as part of the roof build up.

Separation layers

In order to avoid migration of plasticizers, separation layers are necessary when Monarplan is applied onto non compatible substrates such as polystyrene insulation boards or bituminous felts (old or new).  Separation layers cannot be used as protection against incompatible substances such as oil, fuel, fats, solvents and many other chemicals.

Geotextiles such as non-woven’s made of Polyester, PP or a mix of PES and PP can function as these layers. Polyester shall not be used when an alkaline environment is likely (eg. freshly poured concrete or concrete washed out).

On Polystyrene insulation, a glass fleece is recommended in order to improve the fire resistance. In this case, a 120 g/m² fleece membrane will be sufficient (eg. Monarplan Separation Fleece).

Protection layers

Protection layers are required for the mechanical protection of the roofing sheet prior to the application of roof ballast or green roofs. A polyester geotextile approximately 300 g/m² will protect the Monarplan membrane whilst also acting as a filtration layer. Overlaps shall be with the fall of the roof and in excess of 200mm.

Levelling layers

Levelling layers are installed between rough and /or uneven substrates and the water proofing layer (generally above tamped concrete surfaces).

The geotextiles shall have a minimum weight of 200 g/m² depending on the actual situation on the roof. A sufficient resistance against perforation and compression is required.


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