Ponding water will not have any detrimental affect on the Monarplan PVC membrane, however it is recommended that roofs be designed with falls (minimum 1:80) to remove water from the roof. To achieve this a design fall of 1:40 / 1:60 should be considered.

All areas of the roof and the gutters / valleys have to be sufficiently drained. The corresponding number of rainwater outlets and overflows as well as their adequate diameter shall be ascertained prior to application of the Monarplan system.

Roof outlets for new warm roof


 Refurbishment outlets for roof overlays


Parapet outlets

VCL Spigot   Outlet   Parapet oulet


Gutters can be lined using Monarplan membrane in conjunction with Monarplan coated metal.

Monarplan Coated Metal


Coated metal    


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