Icopal Synthetic Membranes - Watertight & durable membranes that set the tone in Europe

Icopal Synthetic Membranes, part of the Icopal group, manufactures high performance, lightweight, flexible synthetic roofing systems, environmentally friendly Geomembranes, agricultural products and innovative pipeline renovation systems for use in a variety of business sectors and applications.

The nature of single-ply membranes allows for lightweight, safe and quick to install waterproofing systems. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and FPO (flexible polyolefin) single ply membranes often come in various grades of thickness and reinforcement. The product range includes fleece backed versions for adhered systems and non-fleece backed versions for mechanical fastening. Therewith providing the specifier a versatile single-ply roofing solution for a wide range of projects types and building constructions.

PVC and FPO membranes are heat welded at the seams giving superior protection against leaks as the two sheets are fused together, which forms a complete and durable roofing membrane system. Single-ply membranes are given UV stabilisers allowing for long term use in exposed roof applications. Single-ply membranes may have polyester or glass reinforcements. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and FPO (flexible polyolefin) share many common characteristics, neither can claim an overall superiority over the other. However, particular characteristics of each can be exploited by the specifier to enhance the specification of their single ply roofing system.

The products that are available at this moment, are:

monarplan pvc synthetic membranes  Monarfin FPO Synthetic Membranes  monarplan fpo or pvc help me choose

Geomembranes  Pipeline Renovation  Agricultural

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